Founded in Hangzhou in 2013, Quiet Poetry Design Research Office is a learning design company which takes interior design as main research direction and open cooperation as supplement. Quiet Poetry Design Research Office provides architecture, store space, residence interior, office, master planning, props customization for display and product design services. Quiet Poetry Design investigate the analysis on the role of existing things in space from different levels, and we’re committed to research different materials and construction skills to achieve expression of spatial diversity.

Now the boundaries of our design has become blurred. We are exploring diverse cooperation, and we want to break the conventional design patterns with diversified concepts and from multiple angles. Quiet Poetry Design believes that under the current context of globalization, humanized and regionalism will be an important topic for space design study.

LIHE was initially just a mutual recognition of ideas. After a lapse of a long time, we rediscover the impulse of transforming ideas into products. Taking the pursuit of creativity and learning the details of life as design concept, Lin Shiming (Mr. Hippo) originally launched the project. LIHE was finally established after Lian Zi seed came to Hangzhou in 2013, by two people with different attributes and strengths. Products takes the space display and use as the main direction of development.Early works of LIHE were mostly fabric art, which mainly will encounter many restrictions of production technology in the expression process, we try to trace / revise outstanding works to overcome technical bottlenecks (originality / reissue / practice work are noted by us when publishing the works). With the growth of LIHE, products will exceed the material limitations, achieving quantitative production and customization of product. Creation with unprecedented examples and samples as well as from the perspective of concept is the soul of LIHE’s product.